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For casino operators and gaming companies.

Rise in mental health demand due to Covid-19

The gambling industry is going through a period of rapid change. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the traditional casino experience from in-person to online gambling. Unlimited access to online betting can expose players to harmful situations, resulting in mental health problems.

When a player gambles problematically and experiences negative consequences they can take out their frustrations on casino employees. Gambling industry staff are also more likely to have abusive gambling tendencies than the general population.

The pandemic has fueled a surge in gaming – by providing an accessible social environment in place of physical connection – with an associated increase in problematic gaming. It is estimated that 3% of the 2.7 billion active gamers worldwide are at-risk of gaming disorder which is linked to a range of potentially devastating mental and physical health problems.

We can provide mental health services tailored to the needs of players, and gambling and gaming industry employees.

How to protect your employees and players

Casino operators and gaming companies have a responsibility to protect employees and players from excessive gambling, problematic gaming and related mental health issues. By offering early intervention you can help them recognize unhealthy behaviors and seek appropriate support:

For employees

We can provide your staff with coping strategies and tactics to use when they are under pressure, and give them access to our mental health services.

For players

We can connect any players needing support to our licensed mental health counselors.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

When staff have mental health issues, lack of access to specialist care can reduce productivity. Our EAP gives employees and eligible family members access to licensed online counselors who can treat a wide range of mental health conditions, including gaming and gambling-related problems. For fast and effective treatment, we can embed therapeutic services directly into your online platforms. By taking a positive approach to well-being in the workplace, your organization can benefit from more engaged and motivated staff.

Fast initial consultation: Unlimited access to a toll-free number which connects callers to a professional consultant.

Convenient access: Confidential, online treatment that is accessible from the comfort of home or anywhere else with an internet connection.

Highly-trained therapists: Every EAP counselor has at minimum a master’s level degree as well as other certifications and licenses.

Four counseling sessions: Access to four counseling sessions tailored to your employee’s needs.

Follow-up supports: Follow-up support is provided, as required, to ensure appropriate and effective help.

Benefits to your organization

Professional support for your organization

Mental health and wellness training

Our Customer Service Mental Health Focus Training is designed to build mental resilience, confidence and motivation to help employees deal with the challenges of life.

Two wellness seminars are provided per contract year from a list of topics relevant to rising trends in mental health-related issues, including:

Refer a player

If you are concerned about the well-being of a player or individual, your organization can refer them to us and cover the cost of a mental health check and any associated treatment. We provide the following mental health services as part of our Jump Start Program:

3 sessions with a licensed therapist
30-day action plan development and coaching
6 sessions with a licensed therapist
30-day action plan development and coaching
10 sessions with a licensed therapist
45-day action plan development and coaching

Benefits to your organization

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